Recommended Reading

In between some books I have tucked a piece of paper with a list of books scribbled on it.

It represents what I consider one of the best questions I ever asked.

It was not the question that was so great in fact but the answer. In case I ever lose that note, here it is:

  • Against the Gods - the Remarkable Story of Risk. Peter Bernstein
  • The Power of Gold - the History of Obsession. Peter Bernstein
  • Thinking Fast and Slow. Daniel Kahneman.
  • Nudge. Cass / Sunstein
  • Chaos. James Gleick
  • Systems thinking and Modelling for a Complex World. John Sterman. this is a basically a textbook which I only read the first few chapters of
  • Speed of Trust. Stephen Covey
  • Valuation. Stephen Koller. “The chapter on Real Options” after reading through this McKinsey textbook I think the reference was to Part III - Applying Valuation, chapter 15, Using Option Pricing Methods to Value Flexibility
  • The Nature of Technology. W Brian Arthur
  • Does IT Matter. Nicholas Carr
  • Sakharov. Richard Lourie
  • A Long Walk to Freedom. Nelson Mandela
  • War and Peace. Tolstoy I’m still not sure if this one was thrown in there as a joke!

In 2017, over five years later, only the last three to go.